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Wusthof Classic 7" Nakiri Knife

  • Wusthof Classic 7" Nakiri Knife with Hollow Edge
  • Forged from a solid piece of X50CrMoV15 stainless steel with bolster
  • Synthetic handle material is durable and resist discoloration 
  • PEtec edge technology gives an ultra sharp edge at a 14 degree bevel on each side
  • Handle is designed for comfort and triple riveted for durability.
  • Made in Solingen Germany - Lifetime Warranty

The Wusthof Classic series of knives are the flagship series from Wusthof.  These knives have that traditional German look and feel to them.  Created out of a solid piece of high carbon stainless steel and then fitted with a triple riveted synthetic handle for a knife that will last a lifetime.  These knives combine a great value with a timeless design.

The Nakiri is great for people that work with a lot of vegetables.  The rounded edge on the front is perfect for rocking.  The hollow edge keeps starchy foods from sticking to the blade for quicker prep work.

$7.00 of this purchase is donated to Feeding America

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