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Our Story

Why Cutlery for a Cause?  Why Feeding America?

Cutlery for a Cause is a division of Northwest Knives in Meridian Idaho.  After selling knives in our retail store for many years we branched out by selling knives on Amazon and Ebay.  After several years of success on those two venues we felt that we could do more.  One morning over coffee my wife Kippi and I came up with Cutlery for a Cause.  An idea was born.  

Kippi and I brainstormed this idea for a few weeks searching for a direction for our new idea.  We wanted to find a way to help others that was more than a one time thing.  We wanted to ensure that the money given was going to directly help people.  After a lot of research and discussion we decided that Feeding America was the charity of choice.  

In America no one should have to choose between food and other basic needs.  This is where Feeding America steps in by filling that gap and ensuring that families in need have a way to provide meals for their families.  Over 98.5% of all money donated goes directly to the actual cause.  How cool is that?  Feeding America provides millions of meals every year for those that need it.  This is one great organization.

Here at Cutlery for a Cause we promise to donate 5% of every purchase to Feeding America.  You don't pay more than you would on any other site or retail store.  As we like to say..."You don't have to pay give more."  We bring you great brands like Wusthof, Shun, Zwilling, Miyabi, and many others.

So join us here and help us end hunger in America....

Aaron & Kippi Park - Owners of Cutlery for a Cause